The Art of Troy Gua
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In this collection of work titled 'Prints', the paintings are installed as single canvases or combined in diptychs, triptychs, and polyptychs to create new, larger scale works. The individual pieces work together to create vignette narratives, presenting personal musings as well as open-ended observations on American modern living and the state of our global society.

By depicting sobering themes in the context of jaunty novelty prints - prints for fabrics that we cover ourselves and our children with in leisure time, slumber under, and line our walls with - the work reflects an American society numbed by an overwhelming and turbulent feed of information.

These new works show repeated patterns based on my own fabric print designs, filled with images of familiar novelty and unexpected symbolism. They are 36" square format swatches of iconography in a style most easily attributed to a textile print: something machine made. These are themes I return to time and again: the tensions between man made and machine made, and between what we do and do not consider art.

©2015 TROY GUA