The Art of Troy Gua
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Chrysalis (Contents May Shift In Transit)
Part of the Mad Homes Project, July 2011

In 2011 I had the good fortune of being invited to participate in a unique art happening in a quickly changing Seattle landscape. Prior to salvage and redevelopment, a group of five neighboring homes, in Seattle’s North Capitol Hill, were used by 14 artists to create site-specific, temporary installations. The Mad Art Seattle project, called Mad Homes, was a wonderful experience, and one I have very fond memories of. This was my contribution, titled 'Chrysalis' (Contents May Shift in Transit)', addressing the themes of commerce, commodity and consumption with the conversion of a doomed house into a product, a package ready for shipment. The appearance of the shrink wrapped house also brings to mind a cocoon, a place of warmth and protection, a place of transformation, development, and rebirth.