The Art of Troy Gua



‘The Dreams of Le Petit Troy’: a self-portrait photo series in which the subject is 'me' in the form of a 1/6 scale art doll, in the visual style of Gerry Anderson’s ‘Supermarionation’ characters, in images where I embody my personal heroes, cultural influences, and inspirations.

For me, it’s a look back at what has made me who I am, a way to relive significant moments throughout my life and love affair with popular culture. But ‘Le Petit Troy’ is really about fantasy fulfillment. With this series, I can be the hero. I can be the genius musician, the matinee idol, the master artist, the infamous pop star, the legendary athlete. I can do and be all the things I’ve always dreamed of and aspired to, but will never truly experience in any 'real' way.

The work combines several media: sculpture, craft, photography, concept. It is not easily defined, but it is satirical, nostalgic, humorous, and heartfelt, and, with hope, it engages the viewer and ignites a sense of wonder.

©2013 TROY GUA