These two videos are meant to play in tandem. The piece is called 'Station to Station', and was created for a group show curated by artist Julia Hensley called BLACKgreyWHITE. The videos start from opposing 'points of view' and meet somewhere in the middle, if only for a very brief moment:

Station to Station, installation view

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Jackson 5:00
A five minute chromatic video portrait of Michael Jackson - it's playing now, watch it fade away.

"What ever happened to Patience?

Observe this modern man's attempt at learning patience. In his world of technology, everything is fast-paced, based on instant gratification. His is a culture of immediacy, focused intently on the now.

He is painting in an effort to control his compulsion for the instantaneous. Can he count to ten so slowly that he literally watches his paint dry? Can modern man recapture the virtue of patience?"

Video by Damon Mori