‘The Dreams of Le Petit Troy’: a self-portrait photo series in which the subject is 'me' in the form of a 1/6 scale art doll, in the visual style of Gerry Anderson’s ‘Supermarionation’ characters, in images where I embody my personal heroes, cultural influences, and inspirations.

For me, it’s a look back at what has made me who I am, a way to relive significant moments throughout my life and love affair with popular culture. But ‘Le Petit Troy’ is really about fantasy fulfillment. With this series, I can be the hero. I can be the genius musician, the matinee idol, the master artist, the infamous pop star, the legendary athlete. I can do and be all the things I’ve always dreamed of and aspired to, but will never truly experience in any 'real' way.

The work combines several media: sculpture, craft, photography, concept. It is not easily defined, but it is satirical, nostalgic, humorous, and heartfelt, and, with hope, it engages the viewer and ignites a sense of wonder.

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as Jedi Knight


LPC as Princess Leia, Tattooine slave




as Andy Warhol


as Elvis Presley in 1968

LPT as Marcel Duchamp in Eliot Elisofon's 1952 photograph, 'Marcel Duchamp descends staircase'

as Indiana Jones


as David Bowie

as Salvador Dalí with La Petite Cate as Gala


as Bob Ross

as Jim Morrison

as Derek Wildstar from Star Blazers

as John and Yoko

LPC as Madonna

as Yves Klein





as The Beatles

as Jimi Hendrix

as Sandy and Danny from Grease


as Muhammad Ali


The Life Aquatic with...Le Petit Troy



as Robert Smith of The Cure

as Michael Jackson






as Willy Wonka



as Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man


LPC as Lady Gaga, or if you will, Lady GuaGua

#ARTPOPART: 2 tributes in one, LPT as a Jeff Koons sculpture of Lady Gaga



as Freddie Mercury

as Eddie Murphy in 'Delirious'

as Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) from 'Say Anything'

LPT in drag as one of my artistic heroes, Frida Kahlo

as Soundgarden's Chris Cornell

as Beck, from his album cover for Sea Change, which was created by Jeremy Blake

LPT as one of my earliest childhood obsessions and heroes, Elton John


as RUN-D.M.C. (and Jam Master Jay)

as Jeff Koons

LPT as Morrissey on the cover of one of my all-time favorite albums, Bona Drag.


as Billy Idol


as Pablo Picasso


as Napoleon Dynamite

"Sorta cools the ankles, doesn't it?"
LPC as Marilyn Monroe and LPT as Tom Ewell from Billy Wilder's "Seven Year Itch".

LPT as Edward Scissorhands





Le Petit Troy as Lestat de Lioncourt, my favorite vampire and creation of writer Ann Rice


LPT as Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula



Are we not 1/6 scale men? We are DEVO

LPT as the Beastie Boys


as Depeche Mode

as Seattle Seahawks first quarterback, Jim Zorn

as artist Cindy Sherman