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American Pie

Love Sign

of future history and the love of soft living (orange dust)

LPP (After Park, After Keane)

Are We Not Zen?


Made In China

Purple Honda (After Veilhan, After Shinohara)

LPP Bust


My Horny Pony

I'm So Fancy

Text Painting (Wall Label)
acrylic on canvas, 18x24"

Art brut, numéro 1
mixed media on canvas, metal hooks 4x6" canvas

Bipolar Bear
Cast plaster, metallic chrome paint, resin. 6x8x8". Made in an edition of 30

cast resin, neon, plexiglas, 12x12x8" including base

Burger Cheveux
cast foam bun, artificial hair, plastic plate

cast plaster, gold metallic paint, resin

Burger Classique
cast plaster, 5x5x14"

In Case of Emergency
Fire Extinguisher Cabinet and Cast Foam and Plastic Burgers

King's Ruin
created for Bumbershoot 2012's 'Elvistravaganza' exhibit curated by Marlow Harris and Jo David

The Television Light From a Suburban Cul-de-Sac Concentrated Into One Cubic Foot and Reflected Into Infinity, July 20, 1969
mixed media and 2-way glass, 12x12x12"

Geoduck Telephone (collaboration with Kathryn Lien for group show, Duped!
porcelain geoduck and refinished telephone

At the Foot of the Opening at the Beginning and the End of Being
found object assemblage

Father + Son
modified paint by number paintings for Bumber By Number at 2011's Bumbershoot

For the Love of Damien
1000+ red 'sold' stickers between glass, 20x20"

Inträngd Narcisser (Cornered Narcissus)
IKEA readymades

Même Chose (installed)
resin coated lightjet metallic prints and led's, 16x16" each

Infinite Change
The ceiling in Todd Jannausch's collaborative phonebooth project 'Gallery 206'

Inkjet print, 11x14"

box of lamps
Urinal cake screen, pushlight. $100 each

in collaboration with Shaun Kardinal for SOIL's Bloom and Collapse show. NFS

in collaboration with Shaun Kardinal for SOIL's Bloom and Collapse show

My contribution to a Morris Graves tribute show included a painting on burlap, a video of its sacrificial burning, and the resultant remains encased in a vitrine

Tuesday's Wednesday
My contribution to a Xanadu tribute show curated by Erin Shafkind


Dirty Mind
acrylic and resin on panel, 36x36". $2000

Canned Ross
oil on canvas on 1 gallon paint can. Giclee editions available.

'The Idols of Paradise, and the Slaves of Their Own Vaunts'
altered vanity mirror(s). $500